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Welcome to our Green Littles Page!

These adorable little Leprechaun Sighting Activity Kits have so many fun ways to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! We've done all the work for you, from text messages from the Leprechaun, pranks on the kiddos from their little green friend- All the way to name ideas, adoption certificates, an awesome sighting journal, craft and coloring ideas and SO MUCH MORE!

Here are the steps to a successful Leprechaun Hunt this St. Patrick's Day-

  • Order your Green Littles Kit
  • Sign up for Texts from the Leprechaun
  • Download the free Leprechaun Tricks and Treasures resource with Leprechaun name ideas, jokes, and pranks for your leprechaun to pull. We've even included our favorite green foods recipes!
  • Follow the included "Malarkey Coordinater" resource guide to help you pull it all off!
  • Use the included "Best/Worst Leprechaun Ever Journal" to keep track of the little green guy's shenanigans.
  • Enjoy the fun family time this activity creates!

These seriously are the cutest!

Step 3- Download the Leprechuan Tricks and Treasures Guide

Choosing a name for your little guy doesn't have to be hard! Here's a sampling of what you'll find in the Leprechaun Tricks and Treasures resource guide! Not only do we give you name ideas, we also offer great resources for pranks to play on the kiddos that give great evidence of a Leprechaun sighting!

Included in the guide- Name ideas you might like!

  • Knotty-Mischeivous
  • Larkin- Descendant of the Fierce One
  • Lochlann- Son of Lakes
  • Finnegan- Son of the Fair Haired
  • Sean-God is Gracious
  • Ronan- Little Seal
  • Shane- Graced by God
  • Sullivan- Dark Eyed
  • Murphy- Sea Warrior
  • Branigan- Little Raven
  • Brogan- Sturdy Shoe
  • Devlin- Fierce Courage
  • Kieran- Little Dark One
  • McCoy- Fire
  • Phelan- Wolf
  • Rafferty- Prosperity
  • Roark- Illustrious
  • Tierny- Lord

Download the Free Guide Now

Also included in the guide- Leprechaun Tricks for the kiddos!

Pranks the little guy can play on the kiddos to make each day exciting- here are a few from the list!

Shoestrings tied together

Bells on the doorknobs

Green footprints in the bathroom and green toilet water

Drawers pulled from their dresser

Toys dumped out on the floor

Green food coloring under their cereal in the bowl so that when the add milk, it turns green

Links to leprechaun traps from simple to elaborate!

And SO many more cute, harmless ideas, like this Leprechaun trap from Joy in a Teacup!

Download the Free Guide Now!

Give them the magic of family time with this amazing resource!

Kids love it when parents engage with them and help them interact. This kit was designed to make you the star of the show by giving your children the thing they desire most- Time with you.