Colors of Salvation Kids' Witness Bracelet with Scripture Cards

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Have you ever wished for a way to teach your kids how to share their faith?  This adorable set does just that!

This 7 1/2" brightly colored bracelet is more than a piece of jewelry, it's a work of heart.  Each color stands for a step along the path toward Salvation.  Take them from the blackness of sin, the red blood of Christ, and the blue that represents baptism to white for purity, green for growth in Christ, ,and Gold that tells of Heaven.

Along with the bracelet, you will receive 8 witnessing cards that tell the Colorful Story of Salvation, with scripture references to validate each step.  These come nestled inside a bright blue velvet pouch for storage.  

We also have a refill set when your cards run out!  These come in packs of 20.

These make great gift sets, and would be awesome stocking stuffers!

Bracelet is nylon braided paracord, and measures 7.5" long

Cards are double sided with rounded corners and measure 3.5 x 3.5"

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The cards were delivered within just a few days of ordering. They are good quality, being sturdy, colorful and just the right size! Very pleased