Easter Blessing "You've been Egged" Kits

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Celebrate Easter by blessing others! Our kits make it easy to share faith and friendship.

These beautiful kits make awesome “Pay it forward” ideas, gift blessings, church invites, and even fund-raisers for your organization or school.  Two options give you the ability to share the Gospel of Jesus, or you can simply share a holiday blessing with our Easter Bunny sign!

The included packed-full flash drive has so many printable ideas on themes, goodies, gifting, etc. that you will be able to use this for years to come! (Please note colors and style of drive may vary.)  Also on the drive are printable recipes for Easter treats, ideas for how to use the sign and get others to pass it on, and even printable jokes/ affirmations/ and scriptures to put in the eggs. 

Empty Tomb Set:

Use the Gospel set with our scripture or messages of affirmation printables and leave one egg empty to represent the empty tomb! Pick up some slap bracelets or fun trinkets to put in your eggs to spread the Joy of Jesus!  We've included a He is Risen treat bag for collecting eggs.

Easter Bunny Set:

Use the Bunny Set with the included printables and leave adorable jokes and special notes of cheer to show just how important these people are in your life.  You can even number them in the order you'd like them to be read!  Don't want to go that deep?  Use the time honored tradition of plain old Easter candy!  That's always a hit!  We've included a bright Easter themed gift bag for collecting eggs and leaving extra treats! (Three assorted adorable styles, we randomly choose for you.)

“Easter is a perfect time to share the Gospel, including the beauty and wonder of an empty tomb and a risen Savior.  It's also the perfect time to show others just how much you care."

The whole idea is to choose someone to give this special gift to. Find someone who will be willing to pass the blessing on or ask if you can pick up the empties to share again!  Keep reading to see just how it works!

In this awesome kit, you will find the following PHYSICAL ITEMS:

  • 18"x12" Coroplast Double-sided glossy  lawn sign with metal wire stand to leave on the lawn of the home you are "egging". 
  • Full color printed instruction sheet and a printable roadmap for egging. 
  • Solid cardstock door hanger that tells the "egged" family what just happened and what to do next! 
  • 12 empty brightly colored plastic eggs and one clear plastic egg carton with matching themed sticker just begging to be filled with your favorite treats (see our egg-filler ideas sheet on the included flash drive.) 
  • A large 12"x17" sturdy plastic treat bag to leave on the door knob to help collect the eggs and contain their gifts. 
  • One Pre-loaded flash drive with printables, ideas for gifting, recipes for treats, themes for "egging", and so much more! So many awesome ideas!  AND you don't have to follow some QR code to get to them! (But you can if you lose the flash drive!)


1. START HERE: This folder has the two basic kit instruction sheets, Empty Tomb and Easter Bunny. Each PDF has three sheets, one for you to read, one for you to hand out when you “egg” a family, and one to create your game plan for the blessing.

2. EGG FILLER IDEAS: This folder has all the themes’ ideas for filling eggs. This is here so you can see them all in one place. They are also located in their correct theme folder.

3. THEME IDEAS: This folder has the following themes:
     a. CHURCH INVITE/SHARE THE GOSPEL THEME- Includes scripture verses, blank notes, coupons of service, a letter of invitation to Easter Sunday Church, and a letter of simply sharing the Gospel, and egg filler ideas.
     b. EASTER BUNNY THEME- Includes a letter from the Easter Bunny himself, blank notes, and coupons of service, and egg filler ideas.
     c. FRIENDSHIP OR BLESS A SHUT IN THEME- Includes affirmation cards, blank notes, coupons of service, a letter to a friend, and a letter to a shut-in, and egg filler ideas.
     d. FUNDRAISER THEME- includes blank notes, coupons of service, a letter explaining the fundraiser with contact info, and egg filler ideas..

4. RECIPES AND GIFT IDEAS: This folder includes 2 PAGES OF LINKS to recipes for treats, over 100 recipes in all,  and gift ideas.

Here's what you do and how easy it is:

  1. Fill your eggs with goodies. (Check out the flash drive for ideas) 
  2. Choose a neighbor/friend/family member/stranger to bless with an "egging". (Please be mindful of physical limitations of older folks.) 
  3. Secretly hide the eggs.
  4. Plant the sign in the yard so passersby can see. 
  5. Leave your extra goodies on the door in the included treat bag, along with a copy of these instructions and the door hanger.

You'll be amazed at how well these are received, and by passing them forward, you can reach multiple families in your neighborhood this Easter!


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