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6 Packs for Gifting or Party activities- A Birthday Story From Kids to Kids!

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PLEASE NOTE*** Whether you choose boy or girl depends on the recipient of the book, not the one creating it. For example, if your son is going to his friend Ella's birthday, he would want to create the girl book for her. :) If you're using them as a party activity for all the guests to fill out for your son, choose Birthday Boy!***

So your child has been invited to yet another birthday party. Why does it have to be such a chore to find the perfect gift for your kid's friends? What can you buy that they don't already have? How do we even know what they like? And who can get a gift for under $20 that isn't junk?

Search no more, because we've got you!

Your child is going to become "that kid". You know the one, the one that all the moms say, "I hope Mallory had Jayden brings what he always does!"

These are so dang cute! Your child once again becomes the author and illustrator of the story, but this time, it's all about their friend. Watch him or her beam with pride while this heartfelt little story gets read aloud at the party! It starts out silly, ends up sentimental, and is adorable everywhere in between.

We included prompts such as these:

  • If you were a princess, your name would be____, because_____
  • If you were the star in a movie, the title would be __________. Your name would be______ and your job in the movie would be to _______________________.
  • If you were a rockstar, your stage name would be ______________. You would sing and play ___________________ and you would wear______________________.

But then we move on to sentiments like these:

  • I think you're awesome and you can be anything you put your mind to.
  • __________________________(Child's Name), You are STRONG. I have seen you do hard things.
  • __________________________(Child's Name), You are BRAVE. I remember when__________________________

With sixteen pages of fun and friendship, your kiddos will LOVE creating this masterpiece again and again for different friends, and different parties, so be sure to order more than one. Includes it's own white rigid envelope for decorating with markers and gifting!

Choose according to the birthday girl or birthday boy. Sentiments are mostly the same except for a couple, and the graphics are slightly different as well.

These are excluded from the buy 3 get 20% off due to already being deeply discounted.

We also created a six-pack bundle so you can purchase these for YOUR CHILD'S BIRTHDAY and have the guests fill them out! (This is also a convenient way to purchase for others and put away for the next party!) How fun is that?

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